Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Plus-Size Swimsuits Post #3

Swimsuit shopping is dreaded by everyone. It is especially hated by women of size. If you know your size, it is not difficult to order from online retailers. I have ordered three swimsuits in the past three years from online sites and they have all been a good fit. By ordering online you can find one in a style you normally wear, or you can branch out and try something completely new. If you are unhappy with an online suit, you can return it if the sanitary guards are still in place. Don't be afraid to try.

Swimsuits seem to be on sale right now on most sites. (May 4, 2016) I compiled a list of places to look online for swimsuits. I also included the current price spreads for each site. Although there are separates offered at of of the sites my prices reflect the one-piece and swimdresses that are offered. Hopefully you will find a suit that you like from one of these web sites.

Amazon $9.00-$75.00

Avenue  $70.00 & $100.00

Catherine’s $99-$129.00

Forever 21 $29.00-$33.00

Full Beauty $24.00-$75.00

JCPenny $29.00-$55.00

Kohl’s $29.00-$77.00

Lane Bryant $50-$130.00

Land’s End $65.00-$159.00

Macy’s $46.00-$174.00

ModCloth $59.00-$104.00

Nordstrom $94.00-$178.00

Sears $35.00-$70.00

Swimsuits for All  $30.00-$50.00

Swim Outlet $22.00-$196.00

Target $25.00-$35.00

WalMart $22.00-$35.00

Most sites have the following styles available: one-pieces, swimdresses, tankinis, and two-pieces or bikinis. I noticed that on several of the sites the two-piece options were priced by the piece instead of pricing a tankini top with the matching bottoms. I guess if you want a skirt bottom vs. a pants bottom that makes sense. You can mix and match.

Some of the web sites also offered coverups. Sometimes it is hard to find a good coverup. My experience with coverups has taught me that black ones are usually hotter, and that long-sleeved ones are a nuisance. Give me a crisp white, short or three-quarter sleeved one any day. I am not a fan of the coverups that are sleeveless, but that it my personal preference because I have droopy arms like most older people.

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