Friday, May 6, 2016

Web Sites That Cater to Curvy Gals Post #5

There are some retailers that figured out that Curvy Gals are a large subset of the female population. They created retail stores just for plus-sizes. Hooray!!! Now they are reaching out by selling their wares in online storefronts. There are three well-known businesses that fall in this category. Lane Bryant, Avenue, and Catherine's. These three companies still maintain stores but they also have lucrative online businesses. It works out great for people that are not located near the retail stores. Avenue is 30 miles from my home, Lane Bryant is a little closer at 15 miles, and Catherine's is also 30 miles away.

Lane Bryant has the following categories on their web site: New Arrivals, Apparel, Livi Active, Designers, Sixth & Lane, Shoes and Accessories, Swim, Cacique Intimates, Sale, and Fast Lane. Most of the categories are self- explanatory, but Fast Lane is a little ambiguous. You have to click on the menu name to discover exactly what the title represents. There you will find Curated Capsule Collections, Next Level Finds, Limited Time, and Limited Editions. Currently there are two sub-categories: Precious Metals, and Basic Training.  The Precious Metals collection showcases metallic looking tops, shorts, and one dress. They range in price from $44.95 to $99.95. Basic Training contains items that are loosely based on military styles. The prices start at $49.95 for a studded tank. A grommet-trimmed dress sells for $119.95. I check out the sale category and buy off season. You may run into problems with size availability, patience pays off if you check the sales frequently. Shoes come in one width only, W(wide).

Avenue has clothes for sizes 14-32. There is a special category for Special Sizes. That would be for sizes above 22/24.  The other categories on their site are What's New, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Swim, Shoes & Accessories, Intimates, Special Sizes, Sales & Clearance. One important fact to note, is that Avenue offers "Web Exclusives" on their site. Avenue is offering an additional 30% off of clearance items as of 5/5/2016. One example is black tights in size C/D for $2.88. I did a quick check of their jewelry offerings and was disappointed with the length of their necklaces. Some plus-size women need necklaces that are 20'' to 22" long. Most of their necklaces were under 18" long; many were 13" to 14" in length.  While is it convenient to purchase shoes on the same that you are purchasing apparel, the downside of Avenue's offerings are the fact that the largest width offered is W(wide). Some curvy women need WW and even WWW shoes.

Catherine's clientele is the more mature woman. The company is owned by the same people that own Lane Bryant. The fashions offered are colorful, comfortable, and appropriate for the older plus-sized woman. The web site offers Collections, Black Label, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Swim, Intimate, Active, Accessories, and Clearance. The sizes range from OX-5X. Bathing suits are either $109.00 or $119.00. There are some shoes offered for sale but there is a limited selection. The only width offered is W(wide).

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