Saturday, May 14, 2016

Plus-Size Lingerie #7

Plus-size gals like to look pretty just like everyone else; even in the bedroom. On the sites listed below you will find lingerie that is in good taste and lingerie that is more risque'.  Check out these sites. I hope you can find what you are looking for.

Hips&Curves "Your Ultimate Plus Size Lingerie Boutique" Here you will find a large variety of items, including but not limited to garter belts, peignoir sets, corsets, costumes, and sleepwear.

Lane Bryant-Cacique On this site you will find new arrivals, bras, panties, seriously sexy lingerie, sleep & lounge, and shapewear.

macy's If you are looking for hosiery, shapewear, gown & robes, or bridal lingerie you may want to check out what macy's offers.

Torrid This is a plus-size site that has a selection of intimates. Some of the categories are bra and panty sets, bridal, shapewear, and sexy lingerie.

I'm sure you will be able to find some intimates at other major department stores. The online sites I have listed above have a decent amount of items. I was very surprised to find that there are just a few companies offering pretty things for us larger girls. If you know other sites please feel free to include them in the comments section and I will add them to this very short list.


Sizes Are Sometimes Not What They Seem #6

When ordering online, sizes can be deceiving. It pays to looks at the sizing information located on the website. At least that will give you a general idea of what to expect. For example if you normally wear a 2X don't assume that a 2X from every web site will actually fit someone that is a 20/22. The sizing guidelines are there to help you. The other day I saw that a 2X was made to fit a 16/18. I have also found that if you are a 2X that also wears a size 22, most times you will have better luck ordering something that is a size 22 rather than a 2X. Some sites even have their own sizing hierarchy,  using a scale of 0 to 4 to represent XL-3X. It really can be confusing.

On the same topic of sizing I have found that clothes at Lane Bryant and Avenue have a tendency to run small. When in doubt order the next larger size. I know that is frustrating especially if you have just lost weight and are happy to be a size 20, you hate the idea of ordering a 22/24. However, if you want it to fit properly you may have to do so. If I am ordering for a special occasion and not sure if something is going to fit, I will order it in two different sizes to make sure that I have something to wear, vs. nothing. I just return that other one. I know that means you will incur extra shipping charges. If the occasion is important it is worth the extra money.

If you are shopping in a brick and mortar store you find size abnormalities all the time. When I go to Macy's I find that certain brands are smaller and would not actually fit you in your normal size. Lucky Brand has a tendency to run small, so does NY and Company, Alfani, Karen Scott, and Calvin Klein. On the other hand INC., and Charter Club run true to size. Those are my findings you may not follow the same pattern.

Please stay away from RoseGal. It had some cute looking clothes, but...when they arrive they are smaller than you are hoping for, and made very cheaply. I ordered a size 3X black capri. What came is something that will fit a 10 year old. I am giving it to my niece and I am not even sure that it will fit her. One of the tops I ordered came in a 2X instead of a 3X and I don't even think I will fit someone that wears a 2X. The clothes come from China, they take a long time to get here, and the quality and sizing is poor. I also ordered a couple of necklaces from them because they were unique. One broke as I was taking it off. I learned my lesson. The ironic thing is that after I placed my order I saw a posting on Facebook that warned people about the site. I wish I had seen it before I ordered from them.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Web Sites That Cater to Curvy Gals Post #5

There are some retailers that figured out that Curvy Gals are a large subset of the female population. They created retail stores just for plus-sizes. Hooray!!! Now they are reaching out by selling their wares in online storefronts. There are three well-known businesses that fall in this category. Lane Bryant, Avenue, and Catherine's. These three companies still maintain stores but they also have lucrative online businesses. It works out great for people that are not located near the retail stores. Avenue is 30 miles from my home, Lane Bryant is a little closer at 15 miles, and Catherine's is also 30 miles away.

Lane Bryant has the following categories on their web site: New Arrivals, Apparel, Livi Active, Designers, Sixth & Lane, Shoes and Accessories, Swim, Cacique Intimates, Sale, and Fast Lane. Most of the categories are self- explanatory, but Fast Lane is a little ambiguous. You have to click on the menu name to discover exactly what the title represents. There you will find Curated Capsule Collections, Next Level Finds, Limited Time, and Limited Editions. Currently there are two sub-categories: Precious Metals, and Basic Training.  The Precious Metals collection showcases metallic looking tops, shorts, and one dress. They range in price from $44.95 to $99.95. Basic Training contains items that are loosely based on military styles. The prices start at $49.95 for a studded tank. A grommet-trimmed dress sells for $119.95. I check out the sale category and buy off season. You may run into problems with size availability, patience pays off if you check the sales frequently. Shoes come in one width only, W(wide).

Avenue has clothes for sizes 14-32. There is a special category for Special Sizes. That would be for sizes above 22/24.  The other categories on their site are What's New, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Swim, Shoes & Accessories, Intimates, Special Sizes, Sales & Clearance. One important fact to note, is that Avenue offers "Web Exclusives" on their site. Avenue is offering an additional 30% off of clearance items as of 5/5/2016. One example is black tights in size C/D for $2.88. I did a quick check of their jewelry offerings and was disappointed with the length of their necklaces. Some plus-size women need necklaces that are 20'' to 22" long. Most of their necklaces were under 18" long; many were 13" to 14" in length.  While is it convenient to purchase shoes on the same that you are purchasing apparel, the downside of Avenue's offerings are the fact that the largest width offered is W(wide). Some curvy women need WW and even WWW shoes.

Catherine's clientele is the more mature woman. The company is owned by the same people that own Lane Bryant. The fashions offered are colorful, comfortable, and appropriate for the older plus-sized woman. The web site offers Collections, Black Label, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Swim, Intimate, Active, Accessories, and Clearance. The sizes range from OX-5X. Bathing suits are either $109.00 or $119.00. There are some shoes offered for sale but there is a limited selection. The only width offered is W(wide).

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plus Size Maternity Clothes Post #4

After spending hours online looking for plus size maternity clothes I have come to the conclusion that this clothing niche is in need of an update. The choices for curvy pregnant women are very basic and there are very few outlets. I feel this is a travesty. When I was pregnant I was lucky because I had a mother that could sew. She made me a few tops that I rotated with the brown, navy, and black maternity pants I was able to find. I had one dress that I wore for special occasions. The slim pickings that are available now are not much better. Why don't designers realize that heavier woman want to look their best when they are with child.

I got interested in this topic because my someone in my family is currently pregnant with her second child and we are having a hard time locating clothes for her pregnancy. I will share the minimal list I have some up with and I am hoping that some of my readers will share other alternatives.

Amazon The selection is very limited. But it is worth a shot to look at what is available.

EBay Don't pass up the chance to purchase pre-owned maternity clothes. This site may have something you have been looking for . You can also ask the seller if the item run large or small.

Etsy-There are a few items here that just might work. Check them out!

Kohl's Maternity-We found some luck at Kohl's. Hopefully you will too. The selections are limited by most of them were produced by Motherhood Maternity and run true to size.

Motherhood Maternity-This company has always been at the forefront for plus size maternity. I checked at one of the brick and mortar stores and was told that they were asked to ship all of the plus size maternity clothes back to the warehouse. After checking online, I discovered that the inventory is meager. They did say they were going through a transition to new styles. That was about a month ago. I haven't seen any changes.

Mommylicious- This online store has some cute palazzo pants and dresses, They are quite pricey. It is worth checking out though. You may find that one special piece.

The above list is all I was able to find. I am sure that there are other retail outlets in other countries. Perhaps readers will live leave some Url's or suggestions in the comments.

YoursClothing I am adding this fabulous site on May 15, 2016 because I just came across it. There are some cute maternity clothes available here. They have skirts, pants, tops, dresses, etc. Please take the time to check this site out. This company is from the UK but the prices are in American dollars so I am sure they ship to the US> I like the prices.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Plus-Size Swimsuits Post #3

Swimsuit shopping is dreaded by everyone. It is especially hated by women of size. If you know your size, it is not difficult to order from online retailers. I have ordered three swimsuits in the past three years from online sites and they have all been a good fit. By ordering online you can find one in a style you normally wear, or you can branch out and try something completely new. If you are unhappy with an online suit, you can return it if the sanitary guards are still in place. Don't be afraid to try.

Swimsuits seem to be on sale right now on most sites. (May 4, 2016) I compiled a list of places to look online for swimsuits. I also included the current price spreads for each site. Although there are separates offered at of of the sites my prices reflect the one-piece and swimdresses that are offered. Hopefully you will find a suit that you like from one of these web sites.

Amazon $9.00-$75.00

Avenue  $70.00 & $100.00

Catherine’s $99-$129.00

Forever 21 $29.00-$33.00

Full Beauty $24.00-$75.00

JCPenny $29.00-$55.00

Kohl’s $29.00-$77.00

Lane Bryant $50-$130.00

Land’s End $65.00-$159.00

Macy’s $46.00-$174.00

ModCloth $59.00-$104.00

Nordstrom $94.00-$178.00

Sears $35.00-$70.00

Swimsuits for All  $30.00-$50.00

Swim Outlet $22.00-$196.00

Target $25.00-$35.00

WalMart $22.00-$35.00

Most sites have the following styles available: one-pieces, swimdresses, tankinis, and two-pieces or bikinis. I noticed that on several of the sites the two-piece options were priced by the piece instead of pricing a tankini top with the matching bottoms. I guess if you want a skirt bottom vs. a pants bottom that makes sense. You can mix and match.

Some of the web sites also offered coverups. Sometimes it is hard to find a good coverup. My experience with coverups has taught me that black ones are usually hotter, and that long-sleeved ones are a nuisance. Give me a crisp white, short or three-quarter sleeved one any day. I am not a fan of the coverups that are sleeveless, but that it my personal preference because I have droopy arms like most older people.