Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plus Size Maternity Clothes Post #4

After spending hours online looking for plus size maternity clothes I have come to the conclusion that this clothing niche is in need of an update. The choices for curvy pregnant women are very basic and there are very few outlets. I feel this is a travesty. When I was pregnant I was lucky because I had a mother that could sew. She made me a few tops that I rotated with the brown, navy, and black maternity pants I was able to find. I had one dress that I wore for special occasions. The slim pickings that are available now are not much better. Why don't designers realize that heavier woman want to look their best when they are with child.

I got interested in this topic because my someone in my family is currently pregnant with her second child and we are having a hard time locating clothes for her pregnancy. I will share the minimal list I have some up with and I am hoping that some of my readers will share other alternatives.

Amazon The selection is very limited. But it is worth a shot to look at what is available.

EBay Don't pass up the chance to purchase pre-owned maternity clothes. This site may have something you have been looking for . You can also ask the seller if the item run large or small.

Etsy-There are a few items here that just might work. Check them out!

Kohl's Maternity-We found some luck at Kohl's. Hopefully you will too. The selections are limited by most of them were produced by Motherhood Maternity and run true to size.

Motherhood Maternity-This company has always been at the forefront for plus size maternity. I checked at one of the brick and mortar stores and was told that they were asked to ship all of the plus size maternity clothes back to the warehouse. After checking online, I discovered that the inventory is meager. They did say they were going through a transition to new styles. That was about a month ago. I haven't seen any changes.

Mommylicious- This online store has some cute palazzo pants and dresses, They are quite pricey. It is worth checking out though. You may find that one special piece.

The above list is all I was able to find. I am sure that there are other retail outlets in other countries. Perhaps readers will live leave some Url's or suggestions in the comments.

YoursClothing I am adding this fabulous site on May 15, 2016 because I just came across it. There are some cute maternity clothes available here. They have skirts, pants, tops, dresses, etc. Please take the time to check this site out. This company is from the UK but the prices are in American dollars so I am sure they ship to the US> I like the prices.

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