Monday, July 4, 2016

Forever 21 #8

I'm not sure how long Forever 21 has been selling plus-size clothing, but there are some cute offerings for the under thirty crowd. Actually, some items could be worn by people over thirty if you are young at heart. I just ordered three things from their site; a cranberry top I plan to wear this fall, an elephant print kimono, and a teal knit poncho that was originally, $30, but was on sale for $15.90. Shopping on the site is easy because you can filter by size. (I figured that out after being disappointed that the first half-dozen things I looked at didn't come in my size.)
Elephant Print Kimono $14.90 Sizes XL/1X and 2X/3X

After I checked out, I found an adorable dress that I would have ordered if I noticed it when I was shopping. I like the cut of the dress and figure the pattern is good for fall with a shrug worn on top. The dress was only $17.90. Just about everything is priced reasonably. The sale prices are even better.

Tribal Print Dress $17.90 Sizes OX, 1X, 2X and 3X

I decided to order because I want to see if the clothes run true to size. Once I receive my order I will add some additional comments here. Hopefully, I will be pleased with my purchases.

BTW...I didn't have to pay any shipping costs. That always makes me happy! I checked back and found that it is a special, for July 4th sales.

To go directly to the plus-size section on Forever 21, just click the following link:   Forever 21 Plus-Sizes

Followup: My package arrived and I was pleased with the blouse and the poncho. The elephant print kimono is adorable but ran a tad small. I held on to it, though, hoping that one day it will fit.

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